Propellors, what's the difference?

Wood, APC, Glass Filled Nylon. With so many different types of propellors, how do you know which one to use? Well, I personally love the look of a wooden propellor. Performance is sometimes lacking, but with most of today's engines putting out more power than your model needs, you probably won't notice anything different. I also like wooden props for beginners because they are much more forgiving in any kind of prop strike situation. Whether it be the ground on a take off or landing or possibly your hand during startup. Beginners have less experience and are more likely to accidently reach across a propellor of a running engine. Remember, out of site out of mind and running props are virtually invisible, so be concious that they are there during starting and run up procedures. Ok, back to talking about propellors. I feel like the APC is hands down the top performer and use them on all my high performance aircraft, but beware of a prop strike with these because the propellor won't break, something on the front of your airplane will! I have little experience with the Glass Filled Nylon and honestly don't know why you wouldn't run a wooden propellor in their place. Again the wooden prop will give before the front of your plane does and offers the same performance as the nylon.